The Constant Gardener

We all want to be outside enjoying our gardens during the summer but often the need to cut the grass, dead-head the flowers and keep on top of the weeds stops us from completely relaxing.

With our Constant Gardener programme you can relax. We will agree a regular time and frequency to visit based on the requirements of your garden - weekly, fortnightly or monthly during the growing season. At each visit we will carry out the regular care that your garden needs and that will also give you the time to focus on the things you love doing in the garden. Whether that is spending time with the children or planning new planting schemes.

Our programme of work will be agreed with you in advance. As part of a typical visit we would focus on;

  1. Lawn - edges strimmed and grass cut
  2. Weeds - borders kept looking their best by hand weeding and hoeing. Paths and patios kept clean and free from weeds
  3. Plant Care - flowering plants and shrubs dead-headed to encourage more flowers, hedges trimmed and shrubs pruned to shape at correct time
  4. Tidy - Any debris and leaves cleared and garden left looking beautiful

Garden Spark

Sometimes gardens can get out of hand. Our Garden Spark service will bring your garden back to looking its best.

After an initial visit we will agree a plan of action to restore your garden to its former glory! All gardens require a reset at times, to control and shape shrubs and trees, to refresh your borders by lifting and dividing mature plants and to bring new growth and a fresh look back to the whole garden.

Usually this work can be achieved in one day and it is amazing the difference it will make to your garden and your mood!

No matter the amount of restoration your garden requires we can make it happen. Give us a call now to discuss your requirements and to receive a fully itemised written quote.


Hedge Cutting

We offer hedge trimming and seasonal tasks such as power washing driveways, paths and patios as one-off jobs.

A neat hedge and freshly cleaned drive can make a huge difference to your home over the winter months. Everything stays sharp and well defined and you can continue to enjoy the look of your garden even during the shorter days.

We'd be delighted to discuss your requirements and give you a written quote for any work.

Next Steps...

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